Two Owls Sustainability Partners

2020 Super Bowl LIV


Project Overview

David Mayer, Lauren Wilson, Michaela Hobbs, and Nick Thwaite represented Two Owls at Super Bowl LIV in February 2020 as part of NFL Green's Team. The Owls worked with this team on volunteer coordination, material recovery, the Recycle to Win campaign, and a number of additional events leading up to the Big Game.

While the 49'ers and Chiefs battled for the title at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL, David, Lauren, Michaela, and Nick participated in NFL Green's Recycle to Win campaign where they surprised fans caught in the act of recycling with a limited edition NFL Green Super Bowl LIV hat!

Once the Chiefs secured the title, the Two Owls team jumped into NFL Green's Material Recovery Program in which items from the one-time event were collected and donated to charities in the Miami area. 

Owl Reflections

"Being able to represent Two Owls Sustainability Partners as part of the NFL Green Team at Super Bowl LIV was an experience that has forever inspired my events career. NFL Green worked for 14 months to connect with non profits in the Miami and surrounding areas to plan to repurpose material, food and supplies. The recovery process takes months of planning and only leaving five days or five hours to fully execute the months of planning. A true team effort was mandatory during this event and I was honored to be apart of it surrounded by some of the best sustainability professionals in their field; from Pepsi, Subway, Atlanta Hawks, Vancouver Board of Trade, to Two Owls. What a wonderful team NFL Green put together." - Lauren Wilson

"Working with NFL Green at Super Bowl LIV was the opportunity of a lifetime. The Directors of the NFL's Environmental Program have an inspiring passion to help surrounding communities positively benefit from the one-time event, but also ensure the environment is at the forefront of the decision making process. They have constructed a diverse team of individuals who all have a passion or career focus in sustainability, leading to endless motivating and encouraging discussions on the environment and actions we can all take to be more green in our everyday lives, the event world, and beyond. Interacting with excited fans and the local community, while discussing recycling and green efforts, is this unbelievable and fulfilling experience that I am grateful to have been a part of." - Michaela Hobbs