Environmental Services


Phase I Environmental Assessments

This practice is intended for use on a voluntary basis by parties who wish to assess the environmental condition of commercial real estate, taking into account commonly known and reasonably ascertainable information. While use of this practice is intended to constitute all appropriate inquiries for purposes of the LLPs, it is not intended that its use be limited to that purpose. This practice is intended primarily as an approach to conducting an inquiry designed to identify recognized environmental conditions in connection with a property. No implication is intended that a person must use this practice in order to be deemed to have conducted inquiry in a commercially prudent or reasonable manner in any particular transaction. Nevertheless, this practice is intended to reflect a commercially prudent and reasonable inquiry. 


Indoor & Personal Air Monitoring

Two Owls can help your workspace, building, or venue meter and assure your indoor air quality is compliant with EPA and OSHA standards.


EPA & OSHA Compliance