How Our Story Started


In 1997, the founders of Two Owls Sustainability Partners, Greg Lam and Dave Mayer, became freshman college roommates at Keene State College (Go Owls!). Greg and Dave quickly discovered they shared a mutual love for both environmentalism and soccer. After graduation they worked within the eco-sustainability field for many years as environmental consultants, but it was their work within the niche field of "one-off" event cleaning that convinced them to open Two Owls Sustainability Partners in 2015. 

The two had worked on large cleaning projects for high profile events such as the NFL Draft, USGA U.S. Open, Lollapalooza,  the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, and the Travelers Championship. The cleaning business offered sustainable solutions, including waste diversion and material recovery programs, as a competitive advantage within the field. Greg and Dave quickly began not only achieving unprecedented waste diversion rates at their events, but also greatly reducing costs for their clients. 

While working closely with Chipotle Restaurant's Sustainability Director on their series of "Cultivate Music and Food Festivals" back in 2014, discussions began about how Greg and Dave could expand their work beyond events into buildings, restaurants, and more. 

Two Owls was then established with the primary focus of performing waste audits around the nation. Fast forward to 2019, Two Owls has performed over 1,000 waste audits and expanded to many other offerings from Sustainable Program Design to Phase I Environmental Assessments and more to a broad range of clients. 

Quick Owl Facts:

- Officially founded in 2015

- Founding Partners Gregory Lam and David Mayer

- Lam and Mayer were both "Keene State OWLS"

- Added our first full-time employee, Michaela Hobbs, in 2018 (A fightin' blue hen from the University of Delaware)

- Based out of Colorado and Connecticut, but operate nationwide

Two Owls Today


Two Owls Sustainability Partners


Two Owls Sustainability Partners are a collection of environmental specialists that offer a number of unique sustainability services to businesses, organizations, and events. As our name states, we believe in taking on the role of “Partner” with all of our clients rather than “Consultant”. Through collaboration with all parties we are able to transform thoughts and ideas into streamlined actions. 

Our collection of environmentalists do not believe in “Green Guilt!” We are a team of realists, not idealists. Two Owls has adopted the 3-legged philosophy of sustainability, a philosophy that includes the economic portion of the puzzle. When it comes to sustainability, economics most certainly should play an equal role as the environmental and other socially-conscious initiatives. Our team can show you how to add additional revenue streams to your event, building, or organization through  sustainable actions. 

With any of our services, Two Owls collaboratively design conceptual blueprints, and then help  execute a plan that will make your event, building, or organization more eco-friendly in an economical and socially conscious manner that aligns with your core values. 

Meet Our Team