Sustainability Services


Ongoing Consultation Services

A holistic approach to assisting any business, organization, or event improve their sustainability profile through a systematic process that starts with “low hanging fruit” items, such as waste diversion. This ongoing consultation also involves material recovery programs, carbon off-sets/on-sets, reporting, marketable statistics, vendor/event surveys to not only make the business, organization, or event “greener,” but also has the potential to save significant dollars and increase operational efficiency at the same time. It also may involve ongoing sustainability support services well before and after the partnership to assist with local ordinances, compliance, political pressures, etc.


Waste Auditing / Diversion Analysis

A waste audit is an analysis of your facility’s waste stream. It can identify what types of recyclable materials and waste your facility generates and how much of each category is recovered for recycling or discarded. 


Sports & Entertainment Event Sustainability Services

We partner with you to help design programs for buildings, events, and/or venues, and you will receive a program designed for each individual project. Each program incorporates our sustainability strategies, including some that mirror across events, venues, and buildings. Our collaboration will allow us, together, to hand over an in-depth program that your team can manage and implement with or without our help. 


LEED Building Services

We currently conduct waste audits for buildings to stay compliant with certifications in the Operations & Maintenance portion of LEED certification. Our services roadmap includes air sampling and water metering for buildings as well.


Green Cleaning Program Design

Green cleaning program designs can be utilized for a building, event, or venue. Two Owls will help create a program for:

  1. Physically cleaning your event with our staff.
  2. To be more sustainable while your staff works the event.
  3. We can also recommend all the needed cleaning products that are certified green cleaning products.